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The navigation bar pictured at the left appears in the left-hand margin of every main page on the website with the exception of 'Join NAGA' and the Photo Gallery pages. Clicking on a button will take you directly to that page. As an alternative, links to all main pages also appear at the bottom of every page except for those pages that open in a new web browser window.

Pages which open in a new web browser window have their own set of navigation buttons and links. The buttons shown below link to each page of a multi-page article or newsletter making it easy to scroll through its contents. The last button closes the window and brings you back to the main page that opened this new browser window.

For convenience, a 'Print' button is included on pages showing applications and tournament invitation information. Pressing this button will launch the Windows or Macintosh print dialog.

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On each webpage, links will appear as text of a different color or will become underlined when the mouse pointer hovers over them.

At the bottom of every page is a link labeled 'Sitemap'. Clicking this link will take you to a page which lists out the entire contentes of the NAGA website by category. Archived schedules, results, newsletters and news from previous tournament years can also be found here.

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In the upper right-hand corner of the NAGA homepage, the scrolling newsreel lists the most recent changes to the contents of the NAGA website and the date of posting. This is where to quickly find out when the latest tournament schedules and results have been made available. Any new content and changes to existing pages on the website will also be cited here.
Hovering the mouse pointer over the scroller will cause scrolling to stop and change the link text to white. Clicking on the white text will take you directly to the page where the updates were made.

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Pictured here is the interactive map from the 'What is NAGA' page. Hovering the mouse over a state will show the region it is in. Clicking on a state will highlight its region in yellow and list contact information for that regional amputee golf association.

In the small green box, click on the web address if it is listed and you will be taken directly to that regional site in a new browser window. As with all other email links on the NAGA site, clicking the email link here will open an email message window.

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The Photo Gallery opens in a new window. It has its own set of navigation buttons and special features.

At the top of every gallery page, you will find the following links:
- Album List - Brings you back to the gallery homepage
- Search - Search for photos by keywords contained in the caption
- Close Gallery - (button) Exits the photo gallery

To open a gallery and view its thumbnail picture pages, just click on its picture.

Gallery Thumbnail Picture Pages
Click a thumbnail picture to see a larger picture.
At the bottom of each gallery page, you can click the page numbers to go from page to page.

Larger Picture Page
This view displays the picture with additional information underneath.
The following navigation features are also available:(for items highlighted in blue, see the picture diagram below)
- To view a hi-resolution version of the photo, just click on the picture.
- To close the hi-resolution window, click on the picture.
- Click the first button above the picture to return to the gallery thumbnail page.
- Click the third button on the left to view a slideshow of all picture in the current gallery.
- To stop slideshow, click the 'Stop Slideshow' link underneath the picture.
- Use the arrow buttons over to the right to view the next or previous picture in the current gallery.

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All print media contained on the NAGA site can be viewed with the Adobe Acrobat viewer. A link to download this free software is provided on each page containing printed media. These documents will open in a new browser window.

Occasionally, NAGA will post streaming video media from tournaments, promotional films or products available to NAGA members. Click on the NAGA Film link to view this type of media.


From time to time, special announcements are made by the NAGA. These will appear in a red box on the NAGA homepage.


All content on this website is copyrighted by the National Amputee Golf Association or by the respective copyright holder. Users of the NAGA website are permitted to view or download content strictly for personal use.
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