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NAGA Related Links


MAGA (Midwest Amputee Golf Association) - Steve  DeBasio, President  
Telephone: 708-460-8706  
Email: onegun@ameritech.net

NAOAGA (North American One Armed Golfer Association) 
Alan Gentry, Executive Director  
Telephone: 502-964-7734 
Email:  naoaga@yahoo.com

EAGA (Eastern Amputee Golf Association) - Bob Buck, Executive Director
Telephone: 888-868-0992
Email: info@eaga.org
Website: www.eaga.org

Southern Amputee Golf Association - Mike Hudson
Telephone: 727-375-5884
Email: mike@bhiveawards.com

Texas Amputee Golf Association - Roy McCoy
Telephone: 512-248-3131
Email: rmccoy@ercot.com

WAGA (Western Amputee Golf Association) - Tim Mathews
Telephone: Toll free 866-311-0777
Email: doublebogie4@hotmail.com
Website: www.wagagolf.org

BAGA (British Amputee Golf Association) - Roger Velvick  
Email: rvelvick@aol.com

CAGA (Canadian Amputee Golf Association) - Gwen Davies  

Telephone: 403-256-1884  
Email: canamps@caga.ca

JDGA (Disabled Golf Association - Japan)  
Haruko Matsuda, Director  
Telephone: (81)-0228-30-7567  
Email: info@dga-japan.net

SADGA (South African Disabled Golf Association)  
Eugene Vorster, Executive Director  
Telephone: (+27)-21-852- 8056  
Email: eugene@sagolfboard.org

Australian Amputee Golf
Website: www.amputeegolfaustralia.asn.au

Australian Amputee Open Golf Championships
Website: www.ausampopen.com

Queensland Amputee Golf Association
Website: www.qaga.org.au

Other Links of Interest

USGA (USGA Resource Center for Individuals with Disabilities)  
Website: www.resourcecenter.usga.org

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