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Since 1994, College Park Inc., has supported the NAGA through funding and professionally staffing national and regional tournaments. The prosthetics manufacturer also hosts the Robinson Cup international match named after its deceased founder, David Lloyd Robinson, and modeled after the PGA Ryder Cup in which players from the U.S. compete against those from other countries in alternate shot and singles formats. Robinson’s company invented the TruStep™ prosthetic foot which is preferred by amputee golfers nationwide due to its built-in ankle and various customizing features.

Ossur Prosthetic Solutions  

Ossur is proud to be a sponsoring partner of the National Amputee Golf Association. Our wide range of high performance products includes the Flex-Foot Ceterus. Its rotational quality and extra flexibility has delighted many avid golfers.

"It's a rewarding sport on many levels. As amputees we're working with the best of what we've got, using technology, the mind and game management to be the best we can."
Bob MacDermott, champion golfer and member of Team Ossur


Otto Bock combines more than 80 years of experience with an on-going pursuit of new ways to support human independence as a manufacturer of orthotic and prosthetic components; adult and pediatric mobility products; and innovative rehabilitative supports.


Disabled American Veterans (DAV) presents the National Commanders Trophy annually at the NAGA national tournament. The recipient is a veteran who played in the tournament and who has contributed in his home town to the rehabilitation of other disabled people. The 1.1- million- member organization has a long partnership with the NAGA. 


With financial support from the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust and the Professional Golf Association (PGA), NAGA conducts nationwide "First Swing" seminars and "Learn to Golf" clinics annually.

Since 1988, the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust has partnered with NAGA in supporting the "First Swing" program.

  Professional Golf Association

The Professional Golf Association (PGA) is the largest working sports organization in the world and is a co-sponsor of the NAGA's First Swing Program. The PGA is comprised of more than 23,000 dedicated men and women promoting the game of golf to everyone, everywhere. 


Is proud to be a National Corporate Sponsor of the National Amputee Golf Association. 

Hanger is dedicated to advancing the field of prosthetics and orthotics to continue to improve the lives of the individuals that utilize these specialized, custom fit products. In our continuing effort to give as many amputees as possible access to our technology, we have more than 600 centers located nationwide.

Our "Tradition of Clinical Excellence" began with James Edward Hanger in 1861. When he was an 18 year-old soldier he became the first amputee of the Civil War. After losing his leg in the first land battle of the war, Hanger turned his personal tragedy into an invaluable service for mankind. He returned to his hometown in Virginia and developed an artificial leg from whittled barrel staves. His success prompted him to to make the "Hanger Limb", as it became known,
for other Confederate amputees in the area.

For a complimentary evaluation or information about a center near you, please call a patient representative at 1-877-4-HANGER


Endolite North America is honored to be associated with the National Amputee Golf Association. Through organizations such as NAGA amputees are able to take the "dis" from "disability". 

Endolite, through parent company Chas. A. Blatchford & Son of the United Kingdom, brings over a century of prosthetic innovation and leadership to the course so that when there is talk of a handicap it's having to do with the score card. Enjoy the great game of


The Orthotic and Prosthetic Assistance Fund (OPAF) aims primarily to enable individuals with physical disabilities - especially those served by members of the orthotics and prosthetics community - to enjoy the rewards of personal achievement, physical fitness, and social interaction.   As part of its mission, OPAF is proud to support NAGA and its programs.

Since 2001, NAGA has been integral to OPAF's Fit for Life (c) program, which seeks to benefit individuals who may not want to participate in demanding aerobic exercise.

In cooperation with NAGA, OPAF is able to offer at least two First Swing mini-clinics each year. These mini-clinics offer guidance in swinging a golf club and learning how to get the golf ball airborne.


Biofreeze ®   “Cold Therapy” pain relieving gel is possibly the most effective pain-reliever available from your Healthcare Professional,  to relieve your pain at home as part of your pain management, self-care program.

Biofreeze contains ILEX, a natural herbal extract which helps provide a deeper, faster,  longer lasting pain relief than most conventional cooling gels.  Applied generously, users will experience relief within minutes.  Biofreeze is effective enough to relieve pain from arthritis, muscle spasms,  strains and  sprains,  upper and lower backaches, sore joints, pain from  limb overuse.  It also aids in reducing swelling and inflammation. Biofreeze can be used as often as necessary, up to 4 times a day and is available in 4 oz. tubes and  3 oz. roll-ons for use at home . Biofreeze is greaseless, stainless, is absorbed quickly  and has a vanishing scent.   

Ask your Healthcare Professional for a trial packet or call 1-800-BIOFREEZE (1-800-246-3733).

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for the NAGA,
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