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The Professional Golf Association (PGA) is the largest working sports organization in the world and is a co-sponsor of the NAGA's First Swing Program. The PGA is comprised of more than 23,000 dedicated men and women promoting the game of golf to everyone, everywhere. 


With financial support from the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust and the Professional Golf Association (PGA), NAGA conducts nationwide "First Swing" seminars and "Learn to Golf" clinics annually.

Since 1988, the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust has partnered with NAGA in supporting the "First Swing" program.


Disabled American Veterans (DAV) presents the National Commanders Trophy annually at the NAGA national tournament. The recipient is a veteran who played in the tournament and who has contributed in his home town to the rehabilitation of other disabled people. The 1.1- million- member organization has a long partnership with the NAGA. 

Since 1994, College Park Industries has supported the NAGA through funding and professionally staffing national and regional tournaments. The lower limb prosthetics manufacturer also hosts the College Park Cup international match, modeled after the PGA Ryder Cup in which players from the U.S. compete against those from other countries in alternate shot and singles formats. College Park’s family of high performance prosthetic feet are preferred by amputee golfers nationwide due to their superior range of motion and unsurpassed comfort.


Hanger Clinic is proud to be a National Corporate Sponsor of the National Amputee Golf Association.

In 740+ clinics throughout the U.S., Hanger Clinic delivers integrated rehabilitative solutions to more than 1,000,000 patients each year and helps turn their hopes and dreams into reality, breaking down barriers and empowering human potential.

To experience what’s possible at Hanger Clinic, call at 1.877.4HANGER (1.877.422.6437) or visit our website at

Ossur Prosthetic Solutions  

Ossur is proud to be a sponsoring partner of the National Amputee Golf Association. Our wide range of high performance products includes the Flex-Foot Ceterus. Its rotational quality and extra flexibility has delighted many avid golfers.

"It's a rewarding sport on many levels. As amputees we're working with the best of what we've got, using technology, the mind and game management to be the best we can."
Bob MacDermott, champion golfer and member of Team Ossur

SoloRider, America’s leading single rider golf car, is pleased to support NAGA and golf in general. SoloRider’s single rider golf car utilizes technology in a golf car to enable mobility impaired golfers to play the game for a lifetime.

Custom designed four-corner coil-over shocks provide the smoothest ride in golf, the patented 350 degree swivel seat with adjustable stand-up mechanism provides swing flexibility, bi-lateral hand controls allow easy steering, acceleration and braking, styled to fit well with a standard golf car fleet, unique design resulting in safest golf car on the market, and the car travels at the same speed as a standard car.

When you choose to ride, choose SoloRider. It goes where you want to go on the golf course including tees and greens. Enjoy the game with SoloRider.

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